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Fme Lab

At Fme Food Machinery Europe, we are committed to providing our clients with the best technical and technological solutions. To elevate our services and enhance the value we bring to our clients' products, we have established a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with cutting-edge chemical analysis tools.

These tools, including electronic refractometers, Bostwick consistometers, electronic balances, and magnetic stirrers, empower our team to conduct comprehensive analyses and ensure top-notch results.

Exploring Possibilities with Pilot Plants

Our laboratory also houses several pilot plants that play a vital role in our research and development efforts. With access to water, electricity, steam, and compressed air connections, our skilled technicians can bring our pilot plants and machinery to life. This capability enables us to:

  1. Test Product Yield and Quality: Our pilots and plants are instrumental in conducting tests to assess the yield and quality of various products. Through rigorous evaluation, we ensure that our equipment delivers optimal performance.

  2. Conduct Technical Studies and Feasibility Testing: To ensure the feasibility and efficiency of our equipment, we conduct detailed technical studies and feasibility testing. This approach allows us to refine our solutions and tailor them to our clients' specific needs.

  3. Product Testing with Customer Raw Materials: At Fme, we value personalized solutions. With our laboratory's capabilities, we can conduct tests using our clients' raw materials. This hands-on approach helps us understand the unique requirements of each project and develop bespoke solutions accordingly.

  4. Experimentation and Technological Advancements: Our laboratory is a hub for innovation. We use it to develop experimental equipment and explore potential advancements in technology. By analyzing existing machines and testing new concepts, we continually push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Array of Pilot Plants

Boema's laboratory proudly boasts an impressive array of pilot plants, each designed to serve specific purposes and facilitate our research and development initiatives. Currently, our pilot plants include:

  1. Hot and Cold Candying Plant: This versatile plant allows us to conduct candying processes under both vacuum and room pressure conditions. It is invaluable in optimizing the candying process for various products.

  2. Jam Production Plant: Our jam production plant, operating under vacuum or room pressure, empowers us to fine-tune the jam-making process. This enables us to deliver exceptional results for our clients' jam production needs.

  3. Juice and Puree Extractor Plant: With our hot and cold extractor plant, we can extract juices and purees to perfection. This enables us to develop efficient and high-performance equipment for juice and puree processing.

  4. Cream Mixer: Our cream mixer is a crucial asset in developing superior mixing solutions for creams. With precise control and advanced features, we optimize the cream mixing process for superior results.

At Fme Food Machinery Europe, our laboratory is a testament to our commitment to technical excellence and continuous innovation. With cutting-edge analysis tools and a diverse range of pilot plants, we are well-equipped to deliver the best technical and technological solutions to our valued clients in the food industry.

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