Vertical destoner F64

Vertical destoner F64

Vertical destoner F64

Introducing Fme's Separation Machine, a reliable solution designed to effectively remove stones, soil, and other foreign bodies with higher specific weights than the processed product.

Key Features of the Separation Machine:

  • Precise Separation: the machine utilizes a meticulous process to separate unwanted materials from the desired vegetal product.
  • Stone and Soil Settlement: as the machine operates, the scrapped material, including stones and soil, settles on the bottom of the equipment.
  • Vertical Screw Detection: a vertical screw mechanism is strategically positioned to detect and separate the vegetal product from the settled debris.
  • Seamless Transfer: the detected vegetal product is seamlessly transferred to the subsequent machine for further processing.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: by effectively removing unwanted elements, the Separation Machine optimizes the overall efficiency of the production line.

Fme's Separation Machine ensures the highest quality and purity of the vegetal product by eliminating unwanted materials. Its robust design and efficient separation process make it an essential component of any production line where the removal of stones, soil, and foreign bodies is critical.

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