Vertical bowl JPB206 - YPB206

Vertical bowl JPB206 - YPB206

Vertical bowl JPB206 - YPB206

Introducing the Vertical Bowl by Fme, a versatile solution designed for cooking, degassing, and concentration of fruits and vegetables, with the added capability of cooling under aseptic or non-aseptic conditions.

Key Features of the Vertical Bowl:

  • Vertical Tank with Conical Bottom: the main component of the bowl is a vertical tank with a conical bottom, providing an ideal environment for efficient processing.
  • Motorized Scraped Surface Stirrer: the bowl is equipped with a motorized stirrer with scraped surface blades, ensuring thorough and gentle movement of the product.
  • Outer Isolated Jacket: the thermal exchange necessary for heating or cooling is facilitated by the outer isolated jacket surrounding the tank.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: the machine is designed with an automatic temperature control system, allowing precise adjustment of the heating or cooling curve to minimize stress on both the product and the machine.
  • Vacuum Capability: the vertical bowl is capable of operating under vacuum, thanks to an automatic pressure control system. This feature is particularly beneficial for high-viscosity products that are challenging to pump.
  • Condensate Management: the system is designed to efficiently handle condensates, allowing for either their removal during concentration or their re-mixing with the product during degassing.
  • Aseptic Cooling Option: the vertical bowl can be customized to provide sterile cooling, making it suitable for processing products intended for aseptic packaging.
  • Ideal for High-Viscosity Products: the vertical bowl is highly recommended for products with high viscosity that pose challenges for pumping.

The Vertical Bowl by Fme is a reliable and adaptable solution, offering efficient processing for a wide range of fruit and vegetable products. Its versatile features and robust design make it a valuable asset in various food processing applications.

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