Shelling mill for IQF and frozen lumps PR49

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Shelling mill for IQF and frozen lumps PR49

Fme specializes in the production of cutting-edge shelling mills and pulping machines designed specifically for IQF fruits and vegetables, as well as lumps and conglomerations of fruit or frozen puree drums.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is meticulously engineered to deliver high-performance results, extracting the desired shelled and/or pulped product to facilitate subsequent processing stages.

With our innovative equipment, the discharge of the product can be conveniently directed either directly into the next machine in the production line or into trays mounted on wheels. This flexible approach allows for seamless integration into your specific workflow, providing optimal efficiency and convenience. The trays can be effortlessly transported and emptied into the subsequent processes, ensuring a smooth transition throughout the production cycle.

We prioritize precision and reliability in our machines, guaranteeing consistent and efficient shelling and pulping operations. Experience the transformative power of Fme's shelling mills and pulping machines in enhancing your production processes. 

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