Self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filter

Introducing the innovative self-cleaning filter by Fme, specifically designed for the filtration of chocolate and creams. This cutting-edge filter is strategically installed at the output of mixers or decristallizers, offering optimal filtering capabilities after each processing phase.

What sets this filter apart is its remarkable self-cleaning functionality. Equipped with an inner spiral fitted with plastic scrapers, it effectively cleans the cylindrical body of the filter without any external intervention. This ensures consistent filtration performance and eliminates the risk of product contamination.

The Fme self-cleaning filter is engineered for seamless integration into your production line. With its isolated and fully enclosed design, it provides a contaminant-free environment for your valuable products.

To facilitate maintenance and disassembly, the filter is supplied with a supporting frame and an easy-to-use screw jack opening/closing device. It comes in various sizes and can be equipped with filtering elements of different mesh degrees, making it highly adaptable to diverse applications, capacities, and customer requirements.

Experience the superior filtering capabilities and hassle-free maintenance of the Fme self-cleaning filter, the ultimate solution for chocolate and cream filtration needs.

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