Tank for beer

Tank for beer

Tank for beer

Fme specializes in manufacturing tanks designed specifically for beer fermentation and maturation in the brewery industry. The BF and BM series offer two types of tanks: beer fermentation tanks and beer maturation tanks.

The beer fermentation tanks are equipped with a conical bottom featuring a steep slope of approximately 60°. On the other hand, the beer maturation tanks have convex bottoms and are designed to operate under pressure, conforming to PED testing standards. A key focus in the design of these tanks is the ease of cleaning for every part that comes into contact with the beer. The inner sheets are meticulously finished with a mirror polish to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Maintaining the ideal temperature of the beer is crucial, and Fme achieves this through the cooling interspace located at the bottom and cylindrical plating of the tank. The shape of the interspace is thoughtfully designed to facilitate optimal circulation of the heating fluid, ensuring reliable performance. Additionally, all interspaces undergo rigorous testing at 6 bar to guarantee their integrity.

To minimize heat dispersion, the heated components are encased in a high-density insulating layer and enclosed within a stainless steel outer jacket, securely welded for maximum efficiency and durability.

Choose Fme for premium-quality tanks that deliver exceptional performance, easy maintenance, and precise temperature control, ensuring the optimal fermentation and maturation of your beer. Trust in our expertise to enhance the quality and efficiency of your brewing processes.

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