Gravitational destoner F63

Gravitational destoner F63

Gravitational destoner F63

At Fme, we offer a highly efficient machine designed for the precise separation of stones, soil, and other foreign bodies with a specific weight higher than the processed product. Our advanced technology ensures optimal performance, delivering exceptional results.

The machine consists of an innovative design featuring an inverted cone with an inner rotor, strategically engineered to create controlled turbulences. This unique configuration facilitates the separation process, allowing the stones to effortlessly descend to the bottom of the cone. To ensure continuous operation, a reliable screw elevator efficiently evacuates the separated stones.

With utmost precision and care, the processed product is discharged into a specialized water-product separator. This separator effectively separates any remaining impurities from the product, ensuring a high level of purity and quality. Our machine's impeccable engineering guarantees smooth operation and seamless integration into your production line.

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