Frying machine SAP

Frying machine SAP

Frying machine SAP

At Fme, we are renowned for our cutting-edge expertise in manufacturing frying machines specifically designed for the production of sautés, which serve as the perfect base for sauces, dips, and side dishes. Our frying machine is engineered with precision to ensure optimal performance and versatility in the kitchen.

Here are the key features of our frying machine:

  1. Innovative Design: the body of our frying machine boasts a double cradle plating, equipped with a double stirrer mixing system. The scraped paddles installed on the stirrers prevent the product from burning when in contact with the heat exchange surface. This design ensures uniform heating and maintains the desired texture and quality of the sautés.

  2. Adjustable Stirrer Movement: the stirrers in our frying machine can be easily adjusted in terms of speed and rotation direction. This flexibility allows for precise control over the production cycles, offering the maximum versatility in creating various recipes. Our machine management software ensures efficient control and monitoring of the stirring process.

  3. Versatile Ingredient Loading: the ingredients can be conveniently dosed either manually using trays on wheels or transferred through pipings for liquid ingredients and oils. This versatility in ingredient loading enables seamless integration with your specific production setup.

  4. Efficient Discharge System: our frying machine is equipped with two doors driven by pneumatic cylinders, allowing for effortless product discharge. This design facilitates smooth operation and enhances production efficiency.

  5. Optimal Thermal Exchange: the entire length of the double cradle plating is equipped with a steam jacket for efficient thermal exchange. The automatic thermo adjustment feature ensures precise control over the steam temperature, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

Our frying machine is designed for industrial applications, delivering exceptional production efficiency and versatility to meet your specific culinary needs. Experience the superior performance and unmatched flexibility of Fme's frying machine, and elevate your sauté production to new heights of excellence.

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