Lumps melting systems

Lumps melting systems

Lumps melting systems

Fme specializes in the manufacturing of lumps melting systems designed to efficiently melt various products such as butter, grease, chocolate, and cocoa mass. We offer both horizontal and vertical axis melting systems to suit different requirements.

These systems feature an upper grid where the lumps can be placed and melted. The grid can be supplied with hot water (over 60°C) or steam. Upon contact with the grid, the lumps quickly melt and flow into the underlying tank, which is also heated to maintain the product temperature and ensure complete melting of any remaining solid particles. To expedite the melting process, the underlying tank can be equipped with a stirrer.

In instances where certain products prove more challenging to melt, our system can be enhanced with a LUMPS CRUSHING MACHINE. This machine effectively crumbles the lumps into small flakes, facilitating their rapid melting and integration into the system.

With Fme's lumps melting systems, you can achieve efficient and thorough melting of various products. Our versatile designs, incorporating heating elements, grids, and optional lump crushing machines, ensure smooth operations and optimal melting results. Choose Fme for reliable solutions that meet your specific melting requirements.

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