Chestnuts sterilisation

Chestnuts sterilisation

Chestnuts sterilisation

Introducing Fme's revolutionary sterilization line, a formidable solution designed to safeguard your products from the risks of insect infestation and parasitic contamination. Our state-of-the-art system employs a meticulously controlled hot water treatment that eradicates eggs, insects, and larvae, including the notorious Balaninus Elephas and Laspey Resia Spp species.

Unlike conventional "gas" methods, our hot water sterilization system has surpassed all expectations, delivering unparalleled results and ensuring the absence of pesticide residues in the final product. Through a precisely controlled temperature regimen lasting approximately 40 minutes, our system guarantees optimal outcomes and preserves the integrity of your goods.

Fme's sterilization lines are available in various sizes to cater to diverse processing capacities. Each line is equipped with cutting-edge features, including a drum sterilizer that excels in delivering exceptional performance. Our integrated tank serves multiple purposes, facilitating the separation of floating particles and providing a cooling mechanism for your products. Furthermore, a dedicated drum tunnel efficiently dries the sterilized chestnuts, bringing them to the ideal moisture level for subsequent processing stages.

With Fme's sterilization line, your products receive the utmost care and protection. Our commitment to innovation and unwavering dedication to quality assurance ensure that your goods adhere to the highest safety standards. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your products undergo meticulous treatment, safeguarding their quality and preventing any potential risks.

Choose Fme as your trusted partner in sterilization solutions and join the ranks of industry leaders who rely on our expertise.

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