Turbo extractor PR410 - PR411

Turbo extractor PR410 - PR411

Turbo extractor PR410 - PR411

Introducing the new generation of Fme extractors, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled adaptability and excellence across various applications.

With the PR410 (hot extraction version) and PR411 (cold extraction version) turbo extractors, we have prioritized flexibility and efficiency.

Our patented functioning principle revolves around a cylindrical extraction chamber equipped with an innovative rotor featuring a centralized system for paddle adjustment. This system allows for five adjusting options, providing complete flexibility for every product processed by the machine.

The remarkable flexibility of Fme's new generation extractors empowers users to achieve optimal results without the need to replace the entire rotor. Instead, configuring the paddles, distance, and speed can be easily adjusted to adapt to different product batches or varying ripeness levels.

At Fme, we have refined and extensively tested each component used in our extractors, not only to enhance performance but also to minimize costs. We have introduced the "EASY OPEN" basket concept, which incorporates a mechanical removal and filter replacement system, significantly reducing maintenance expenses. Additionally, this system extends the lifespan of the sieves by offering the ability to disassemble and reassemble the filter in reverse position, once the efficiency of the initial rotation direction's holes has diminished.

With our new generation extractors, Fme ensures a streamlined extraction process, maximized adaptability, and extended equipment lifespan, ultimately providing our customers with exceptional value and performance.

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