Tank to store chocolate/creams

Tank to store chocolate/creams

Tank to store chocolate/creams

Fme specializes in manufacturing tanks specifically designed for chocolate and creams, belonging to our CT series. These tanks are designed to maintain the product in continuous motion and at the optimal temperature.

The movement of the product is achieved through the use of a specially designed "gate" stirrer, which ensures gentle and uniform mixing of the product mass without creating vortexes or incorporating air. For enhanced thermal exchange, plastic scraping elements can be installed on the stirrer.

The tanks feature a heating interspace located on the bottom and cylindrical plating, which ensures precise temperature control of the product. The interspace is carefully designed by Fme to facilitate optimal circulation of the heating fluid, resulting in high reliability and efficiency. To minimize thermal dispersion, the heated parts of the tanks are covered with a high-density insulating layer and enclosed within a stainless steel outer jacket, which is seamlessly welded for added durability.

With our CT series tanks, you can trust that your chocolate and cream products will be maintained at the ideal temperature while ensuring gentle and consistent mixing. The design of our tanks prioritizes temperature control, reliable thermal exchange, and efficient operation, allowing you to achieve superior results in your chocolate and cream production processes.

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