Horizontal mixer for creams

Horizontal mixer for creams

Horizontal mixer for creams

Fme has ingeniously developed a horizontal mixer specifically designed to achieve optimal and uniform mixing of creams. This is made possible by the unique shape of the stirrer, which facilitates quick and efficient transfer towards the side discharge.

Our range of mixers caters to different capacities, ranging from 500 to 10,000 kg. To ensure ease of cleaning, all mixers are equipped with pneumatically operated covers. Additionally, upon request, we can provide thermostatation control units and weighing systems for added convenience.

Our SINGLE STIRRER mixers are ideal for ingredient mixing or further refinement of creams. For particularly viscous products or the initial mixing of cream ingredients that will later undergo refinement in single stirrer mixers, we offer the DOUBLE STIRRER version. Furthermore, we offer horizontal mixers with SPIRAL STIRRERS for efficient powder mixing. All our horizontal mixers are meticulously crafted from stainless steel, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and simplifying external cleaning procedures.

To maintain the desired product temperature, our machines feature a heating/cooling interspace within the body. The interspace's design ensures optimal circulation of the heating fluid and guarantees high reliability, with all interspaces undergoing rigorous 6-bar testing. To minimize thermal dispersion, the heated components are enveloped in a dense insulating layer, encased within a stainless steel outer jacket that is meticulously welded.

Choose Fme's horizontal mixers to experience superior cream mixing capabilities, efficient cleaning, and precise temperature control. Our advanced designs and quality manufacturing guarantee exceptional performance and reliability for your cream processing needs.

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