Conches for chocolate

Conches for chocolate

Conches for chocolate

Experience the pinnacle of chocolate craftsmanship with Fme's cutting-edge machine designed to create exquisite, high-quality chocolate from refined powder and carefully selected ingredients. Meticulously engineered using advanced thermo-fluid dynamics simulations, the paddle design ensures optimal mixing and shear-rate performance, guaranteeing exceptional chocolate consistency.

The conches feature a state-of-the-art thermostatation jacket that envelops the entire surface, providing precise temperature control and ensuring uniformity throughout the conching process. Temperature plays a vital role in achieving the desired results, making this feature an indispensable component.

For comprehensive control and convenience, Fme offers an optional thermo station control unit, complete with a chiller and a dual-section exchanger for heating and cooling. This integration enhances efficiency and streamlines operations. The ventilation group, equipped with a blower and electrical resistances, ensures efficient air circulation and eliminates unwanted humidity, further enhancing the chocolate-making process.

Equipped with an electrical panel and PLC, Fme's conches provide comprehensive control over process parameters and enable automated cycle planning. This sophisticated control system optimizes the conching operation, allowing for the removal of unwanted flavors, humidity, and the infusion of aromatic components, ultimately achieving the ideal viscosity for your chocolate creations.

To meet the highest standards of hygiene and aesthetics, Fme constructs the conches entirely from stainless steel. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring a pristine and sanitary production environment. Trust Fme to deliver the tools that empower you to create chocolate masterpieces of exceptional quality and flavor.

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