Chestnuts glazing

Chestnuts glazing

Chestnuts glazing

Fme manufactures linear tunnels to glaze already candied chestnuts for the production of marron glacé. Picture a meticulously engineered system where the feeding process is seamlessly integrated into the heart of the tunnel. 

Specially designed grids facilitate the smooth and controlled flow of already candied chestnuts, ensuring each precious piece is delicately coated in a luscious glaze. This intricate process, harmoniously blending art and science, paves the way for the creation of marron glacé, a true masterpiece of confectionery craftsmanship.

At the core of our linear tunnels lies an electrical resistance drying oven, meticulously calibrated to provide the ideal environment for the glazing process. The controlled heat within the oven interacts harmoniously with the glazing mixture, enabling it to envelop the candied chestnuts, creating a tantalizing outer layer that encapsulates the essence of marron glacé.

Within these tunnels, manual loading takes place, allowing skilled artisans to carefully place the already candied chestnuts onto the specific grids. This hands-on approach ensures the utmost attention to detail and guarantees that every chestnut is treated with the care it deserves.

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