Horizontal Bowl JPB 205

Horizontal Bowl JPB 205

Horizontal Bowl JPB 205

Fme's remarkable success in the industry can be attributed to its strategic focus on manufacturing horizontal evaporation bowls and defreezers. Despite initial resistance from a market accustomed to traditional vertical systems, several companies have had to revise their perspectives.

The adoption of horizontal technology offers a host of advantages that have transformed the manufacturing landscape:

  1. ENHANCED EFFICIENCY: unlike the conventional "outer" jacket, Fme's horizontal evaporation bowls utilize a rotating inner coil for thermal transfer. This design provides a significantly larger exchange surface and improves the thermal exchange coefficient through its rotating action, resulting in reduced heat dispersion and shorter work cycles.

  2. UNIFORM HEATING: the continuous mixing facilitated by the rotating coil and its blades on the central and outer axes accelerates thermal exchange. This effectively eliminates unheated areas within the product, ensuring even heating and consistent output quality.

  3. SUPERIOR PRODUCT QUALITY: microbiological tests conducted by our customers on the final output have revealed a remarkable reduction in burnt particles. This minimizes the undesirable cooked or burnt aftertaste commonly associated with vertical bowls. Boema's horizontal bowls, in contrast, offer significantly lower levels of burnt residue, even with the presence of scrapers.

  4. PRESERVATION OF INTEGRITY: when processing fresh or individually quick-frozen (IQF) fruits, Fme's horizontal bowls enable the creation of jams or preparations with intact fruit pieces or whole fruits. The rotating coil, unlike the scrapers found in vertical cookers, preserves the integrity of the product without mashing or squeezing. Additionally, with adjustable speed motorization, delicate products can be handled with precision, ensuring high integrity yield.

  5. EASE OF MAINTENANCE: Fme's evaporation bowls and defreezers, such as the JPB model, are designed without scraping elements that are prone to natural wear. These machines are equipped with special seals tailored to withstand even the most demanding production schedules, minimizing maintenance requirements.

By embracing horizontal evaporation bowls and defreezers, Fme has revolutionized the industry by offering superior efficiency, uniform heating, enhanced product quality, integrity preservation, and reduced maintenance needs. Choose Fme's innovative solutions to elevate your manufacturing processes and achieve exceptional results.

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