Sterile cooler YPB207

Sterile cooler YPB207

Sterile cooler YPB207

Fme specializes in the production of advanced batch coolers designed to achieve rapid and aseptic cooling of fruit preps intended for aseptic packaging.

This innovative machine seamlessly integrates with the preceding preparation bowl and the subsequent sterile filling systems. Its primary function is to facilitate the quick and efficient cooling of specific batch quantities of fruit preps while maintaining optimal aseptic conditions.

The transfer of the product between the horizontal bowl, the cooler, and the aseptic filling systems is facilitated by utilizing pressure differentials. To ensure continuous control of aseptic conditions, sterile nitrogen injection is employed. An additional advantage of this system is the preservation of the integrity of the fruit pieces during the transfer phase, as pumps are not utilized.

Experience the reliability and effectiveness of Fme's state-of-the-art batch cooler, which guarantees swift cooling of fruit preps while upholding the highest standards of aseptic conditions. Trust in our technology to deliver superior results and preserve the quality of your fruit preps throughout the aseptic packaging process.

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