Reactor for cosmetic/pharmaceutical

Reactor for cosmetic/pharmaceutical

Reactor for cosmetic/pharmaceutical

Discover Fme's innovative reactors designed specifically for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Our tanks are engineered to operate under high pressures or vacuum conditions, offering exceptional versatility for a wide range of applications.

With advanced stirring systems, including the option of two counter-rotating elements, our reactors ensure thorough and efficient mixing of even the most complex formulations. We prioritize ease of cleaning and hygiene, paying special attention to surface finishes and accessibility for thorough sanitation.

Maintaining precise product temperature is crucial, which is why our reactors feature a cooling interspace strategically positioned on the tank's bottom and cylindrical plating. Fme's meticulous design ensures optimal circulation of the heating fluid, maximizing reliability. We test all interspaces up to 6 bar for exceptional performance and safety. To minimize thermal dispersion, our heated components are shielded by a high-density insulating layer enclosed within a robust stainless steel jacket, meticulously welded for durability.

Experience the cutting-edge technology and impeccable craftsmanship of Fme's reactors, providing you with the ideal solution for your cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing needs.

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