Belt blancher H55

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Belt blancher - cooler H55

Immerse yourself in the world of innovative vegetable processing with Fme's exceptional Belt Cooker-Blancher H55. Crafted to perfection, this cutting-edge machine offers unparalleled capabilities for cooking or blanching an extensive variety of vegetables using a combination of steam and water.

Equipped with specially designed fans, the Belt Cooker-Blancher H55 ensures optimal circulation of steam among the vegetables, resulting in reduced blanching cooking time compared to traditional methods. By employing this advanced system, the machine effectively retains the vegetables' natural organoleptic properties, preserving their flavors and textures.

With the Belt Cooker-Blancher, Fme revolutionizes vegetable processing by combining precision engineering and innovative technology. This remarkable machine caters to the diverse needs of food processing facilities, delivering exceptional performance and enhanced productivity.

Experience the ultimate cooking and blanching solution that guarantees superior results. With Fme's Belt Cooker-Blancher, you can elevate your vegetable processing operations to new heights. Embrace efficiency, maintain product integrity, and embrace a future of unrivaled success in the world of vegetable processing.

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