Continuous cooker H52

Continuous cooker H52

Continuous cooker H52

Fme designs and produces a state-of-the-art continuous cooker featuring a rotating coil, specifically designed for defrosting and heating a wide range of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, with or without stones. This versatile cooker allows for the precise control of temperature, making it suitable for various recipes and the production of sauces or drips.

Depending on the specific requirements of the product, desired capacities, and target temperatures, the cooker can be customized with different types of rotating coils. These coils vary in shape, size, and the number of spirals, and can be configured to accommodate either pressurized steam or heated water as the heat transfer medium. This flexibility ensures optimal performance and efficient heat distribution throughout the cooking process.

The continuous cooker by Fme is engineered to deliver consistent and reliable results, providing thorough defrosting or heating for high-quality food products. The advanced design of the rotating coil enables efficient and uniform heat transfer, ensuring that each ingredient is heated or defrosted to the desired specifications.

With Fme's continuous cooker, food manufacturers can confidently process their fruits and vegetables, knowing that the cooking parameters can be tailored to meet their specific needs. Whether it's defrosting delicate fruits or heating robust vegetables, the cooker offers precision and versatility to achieve outstanding results. Embrace the efficiency and flexibility of Fme's continuous cooker, revolutionizing the way you defrost and heat your produce.

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