Brulage chestnuts peeling

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Brulage chestnuts peeling

Embark on a journey into the realm of chestnut processing excellence with Fme's remarkable "Brulage" peeling lines. These cutting-edge lines are meticulously designed to achieve flawless peeling of chestnuts, removing both the outer skin and inner film.

Comprising a series of specially designed ovens, the peeling process harnesses the power of flame to delicately strip away the chestnut's protective layers. The modular nature of the line allows for flexibility, enabling customization based on desired hourly capacity.

For optimal results, the "Brulage" line can be seamlessly integrated with tangential cleaners, worm screw parboilers, skin separators, and sorting tables. This comprehensive combination ensures a final output of perfectly peeled chestnuts, ready to undergo the freezing process.

Once frozen, the chestnuts can undergo further refinement, including sizing and meticulous sorting. This attention to detail guarantees a premium end product that meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Unlock the true potential of chestnut processing with Fme's unrivaled "Brulage" peeling lines. Experience unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability, paving the way for exceptional results in the chestnut industry.

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