Vertical mixer/preparator for creams

Vertical mixer/preparator for creams

Vertical mixer/preparator for creams

Introducing Fme's CP Series Cream Mixers, designed to achieve optimal and uniform mixing for a wide range of products.

Key Features of the CP Series Cream Mixers:

  • Versatile Applications: these mixers are suitable for various products including creams, desserts, batter, dairy products, doughs, and cosmetic products.
  • Dual Stirrers: the CP Series Cream Mixers combine the efficiency of two stirrers to ensure perfect mixing. The slow "grazing anchor" stirrer, optionally equipped with scraping elements made of plastic material, works in harmony with the quick "marine anchor" stirrer.
  • Precise Temperature Control: the mixers feature a heating/cooling interspace on the machine's body, enabling accurate temperature regulation during the mixing process.
  • Optimal Thermal Circulation: Fme's innovative design includes an interspace with optimized shape, facilitating the circulation of heating fluid and ensuring high reliability. All interspaces undergo rigorous testing at 6 bar to ensure superior performance.
  • Efficient Thermal Insulation: the heated components are covered with a high-density insulating layer, enclosed within a stainless steel outer jacket that is tightly welded. This minimizes thermal dispersion and enhances overall energy efficiency.

Fme's CP Series Cream Mixers provide exceptional mixing capabilities, delivering consistent results for a wide range of applications. With precise temperature control and advanced design features, these mixers are a reliable choice for achieving optimal product quality and efficiency in cream preparation.

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