Abrasive peeler A80

Abrasive peeler A80

Abrasive peeler A80

The revolutionary Abrasive Peeler A80 is designed to effortlessly remove the peel from various products using a unique approach. Its innovative design features rollers coated with a specialized abrasive material that gently but effectively scratches the product's surface, resulting in the removal of the peel.

With the Abrasive Peeler A80, you have the flexibility to customize the dimensions and number of rollers based on the specific characteristics of the product being transformed.

The precision-engineered rollers of the Abrasive Peeler A80 are strategically positioned to optimize peeling efficiency and minimize product waste. As the product passes through the machine, the rollers delicately interact with its surface, ensuring a uniform and thorough peeling process. This advanced peeling technology guarantees consistent and high-quality results, saving you valuable time and effort in manual peeling tasks.

Its customizable features and efficient peeling mechanism ensure optimal results for a wide range of products.

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