Belt blancher - cooler H56 - H57

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Belt blancher - cooler H56 - H57

Discover the advanced Belt Blancher-Cooler, meticulously crafted by Fme, offering unparalleled capabilities for cooking and cooling a diverse range of vegetables using steam, water, and air.

Within the blanching section, this cutting-edge machine features specially engineered fans that circulate steam among the vegetables, ensuring precise and efficient cooking. As for the cooling section, it boasts strategically positioned fans that facilitate optimal air circulation, resulting in rapid and effective product cooling.

The innovative design of this system brings forth numerous benefits. Foremost, it significantly reduces the blanching cooking time compared to conventional methods, preserving the natural characteristics and flavors of the vegetables. Furthermore, the swift and thorough cooling process guarantees the ideal product temperature.

The Belt Blancher-Cooler proves particularly invaluable for vegetable processing operations aimed at freezing applications. Its state-of-the-art construction and functionalities ensure impeccable preparation and cooling, rendering the vegetables ready for subsequent freezing processes. 

With its robust build, meticulous temperature control, and user-friendly interface, the Belt Blancher-Cooler H56 - H57 delivers unrivaled performance and reliability. It stands as an indispensable asset for food processing facilities seeking to optimize their production of premium frozen vegetables.

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