Heater-enzymatic deactivator H54

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Heater-enzymatic deactivator H54

Discover the cutting-edge range of heaters designed and manufactured by Fme for the enzymatic inactivation of fruit and vegetable pulp. Our heaters are available in various models, each tailored to meet specific processing requirements and deliver exceptional results.

  1. H54_FO: this model features a horizontal shell and tube design, incorporating product recycle and an extraction electropump. It offers efficient heating capabilities, ensuring optimal enzymatic inactivation of the pulp. Ideal for a wide range of fruit and vegetable applications.

  2. H54_BR: the H54_BR model is a shell and tube heater specifically designed for "brovatrice". It offers a simple passage of the product, making it perfect for fruit and Cold Break tomato pulp applications. Experience precise heating and reliable enzymatic inactivation with this innovative solution.

  3. H54_HB: our H54_HB model boasts a shell and tube configuration, complete with product recycle and an extraction electropump. This heater is specifically engineered for Hot Break tomato pulp processes, providing superior performance and outstanding enzymatic inactivation results.

  4. H54_RD: elevate your fruit and vegetable pulp processing with our vertical shell and tube heater, the H54_RD. This model incorporates product recycle, an extraction electropump, vacuum heating, and a condenser. It delivers exceptional heating efficiency and precise enzymatic inactivation for a wide range of fruit and vegetable pulps.

Whether you're working with fruit or vegetables, Cold Break or Hot Break tomato pulp, we have the perfect solution to optimize your enzymatic inactivation processes.

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