Vacuum degasser TEC110

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Vacuum degasser TEC110

Introducing the Vacuum Degasser by Fme, a specialized solution for degassing juices and purees of fruits and vegetables, whether they contain pieces or not.

The Vacuum Degasser unit consists of the following key components:

  • Vertical Tank: this tank forms the core of the degasser and is designed to facilitate the degassing process.
  • Shell and Tube Condenser: connected to the vertical tank, the condenser plays a crucial role in recovering flavors. It can be flanged to a convex cover for easy flavor recovery or installed sideways for condensate extraction.
  • Cold Water Circulation: the condenser is equipped with a cold water system that ensures efficient condensation.
  • Vacuum Pump: connected to the system, the vacuum pump creates the necessary vacuum environment for the degassing process.
  • Product Inlet Piping: equipped with an automatic valve and a diffuser, the degasser features a product inlet piping system that facilitates the degassing operation.

The Vacuum Degasser by Fme is designed to effectively remove unwanted gases from juices and purees, ensuring high product quality. Its innovative design and precise functionality make it an ideal choice for degassing applications in the fruit and vegetable processing industry.

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