Tank for oils/greases

Tank for oils/greases

Tank for oils/greases

Fme offers the FT series of tanks specifically designed for the storage and preservation of oils and greases, as well as other various products.

These tanks are typically designed without a stirrer, but if there is a risk of sedimentation, slow stirrers of the "multi-paddle" type or quick stirrers like the "marine helix" can be installed to ensure proper mixing.

To maintain the organoleptic properties of the stored product, nitrogen inerting can be implemented. This involves equipping the tank with a range of accessories that allow for safe operation under a slight over-pressure, ensuring the preservation of the product's quality and characteristics.

Precise temperature control is achieved through the heating/cooling interspace located on the bottom and cylindrical plating of the tank. Fme has carefully designed the shape of the interspace to optimize the circulation of the heating fluid, ensuring reliable performance. All interspaces undergo rigorous testing at 6 bar to ensure their durability and reliability.

To minimize thermal dispersion, the heated components are covered with a high-density insulating layer, enclosed within a fully welded stainless steel outer jacket. This construction not only enhances heat retention but also provides long-lasting durability and strength.

Choose Fme's FT tanks to effectively store and preserve oils, greases, and other products. With options for stirrers, nitrogen inerting, precise temperature control, and a robust construction, these tanks offer a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining the quality of your stored products.

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