Scraped surface steriliser PE138

Scraped surface steriliser PE138

Scraped surface steriliser PE138

These sterilizers-coolers are specifically engineered to handle high-viscosity liquid products, making them ideal for sterilizing and cooling a wide range of products. What sets them apart is their exceptional capability to treat products with pieces.

The innovative design of the rotating shaft and swinging scrapers ensures that the product remains free from any excessive pressure during processing.

The scraped surface exchangers can be installed either with a vertical or horizontal axis, providing flexibility to meet specific production requirements. They feature a modular composition, consisting of heating and cooling sections, allowing for precise temperature control throughout the process.

One of the notable advantages of these machines is their ease of maintenance. Equipped with a head with a quick disassembly seal and a hydraulic system for the rotating shaft, the entire machine can be fully and efficiently inspected in a short period of time.

Experience the unrivaled performance and versatility of Fme's sterilizers-coolers with scraped surface exchangers, delivering exceptional results for the sterilization and cooling of high-viscosity liquid products, including those with pieces.

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