Drum blancher H50 - H59

Drum blancher H50 - H59

Drum blancher H50 - H59

The drum continuous cooker-blancher, manufactured by Fme, offers a versatile solution for blanching or cooking a wide variety of products in a continuous cycle. This innovative machine utilizes an indirect system, with steam passing through an exchanger, to achieve optimal results.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of food processing, the drum continuous cooker-blancher provides efficient and precise control over the blanching or cooking process. Its unique drum design allows for continuous movement of the product, ensuring even heat distribution and consistent quality throughout.

By utilizing an exchanger with steam, this cooker-blancher maintains a controlled and adjustable temperature, enabling effective blanching or cooking without compromising the integrity of the product. The indirect heating method minimizes the risk of scorching or overheating, ensuring that the desired texture, color, and flavor are preserved.

The continuous cycle feature of the drum cooker-blancher enhances productivity by eliminating the need for batch processing. This results in a streamlined and efficient production flow, reducing downtime and increasing overall output.

Whether blanching vegetables for further processing or cooking various food products, the drum continuous cooker-blancher from Fme delivers reliable performance and exceptional results. Its robust construction and advanced technology guarantee durability and precision in every operation.

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