Post-freezing S38 - S39

Post-freezing S38 - S39

Post-freezing S38 - S39

Discover Fme's cutting-edge machines designed to clean and size frozen products, revolutionizing your production processes.

We offer two distinct applications:

  1. S38: pneumatic separator for light bodies. This innovative machine efficiently separates light bodies from frozen products. Through advanced pneumatic technology, it ensures optimal cleaning and sizing, enhancing product quality and purity.

  2. S39: drum sizing machine. Our drum sizing machine is specifically engineered to deliver precise sizing of frozen products. With its drum-based design, it guarantees uniformity and accuracy, allowing for seamless integration into your production line.

Experience the power of Fme's cleaning and sizing solutions for frozen products. Enhance efficiency, maintain quality, and streamline your operations with our state-of-the-art machines.

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