Drum washing machine L3 - L3P

Drum washing machine L3 - L3P

Drum washing machine L3 - L3P

Fme offers a range of drum washing machines designed specifically for the thorough cleaning of tubers and roots. These machines provide efficient solutions for removing dirt and debris from various agricultural products.

  1. L3: this is the "light" version of the drum washing machine. It features a rotating drum constructed with durable stainless steel profiles. The design ensures effective washing while maintaining a lightweight structure. The L3 is suitable for processing moderately dirty products, providing reliable cleaning results.

  2. L3P: this version is known as the "heavy" variant. It is equipped with a robust rotating drum specifically designed for desoiling purposes. The L3P model is ideal for tackling heavily soiled tubers and roots, effectively removing stubborn dirt and contaminants.

Both versions of the drum washing machines from Fme are capable of processing products that range from slightly dirty to heavily soiled. The cylindrical drum design facilitates thorough washing by enabling the products to rub against each other while being exposed to water. This friction ensures optimal cleaning performance and guarantees excellent results.

The drum washing machines offer a reliable and efficient solution for farmers and food processing industries, helping to maintain high hygiene standards and ensuring the quality of the processed products. With their durable construction and innovative design, Fme's drum washing machines deliver outstanding washing capabilities, providing a vital step in the overall cleaning process.

Experience the advanced technology and reliable performance of Fme's drum washing machines and achieve superior cleanliness for your tubers and roots. 

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