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Brulage chestnuts peeling

Embark on a journey into the realm of chestnut processing excellence with Fme's remarkable "Brulage" pe...
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Chestnuts candying

Fme is a renowned manufacturer of plants designed for producing delicious candied chestnuts using tradi...
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Chestnuts dryer

Fme's expertise in manufacturing innovative equipment has led them to develop vertical chestnut dryers ...

Chestnuts glazing

Fme manufactures linear tunnels to glaze already candied chestnuts for the production of marron glacé. ...

Chestnuts puree

Experience the art of creating luscious chestnut puree with Fme's cutting-edge manufacturing plants tai...

Chestnuts steam peeling

Discover the pinnacle of chestnut peeling excellence with Fme's cutting-edge steam-powered peeling line...

Chestnuts sterilisation

Introducing Fme's revolutionary sterilization line, a formidable solution designed to safeguard your pr...

Fresh chestnuts preparation

At Fme, we specialize in manufacturing advanced processing lines specifically designed for chestnuts de...

Fresh chestnuts sizing

Fme takes pride in its expertise in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge drum sizing lines, specifi...

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