Centrifugal machine to rework chopped ingredients

Introducing Fme's Chocolate Separation Machine - an efficient solution for separating solids from melte...

Conches for chocolate

Experience the pinnacle of chocolate craftsmanship with Fme's cutting-edge machine designed to create e...


Fme offers a range of large tubular exchangers specifically designed to decrystallize chocolate obtaine...

Feeding systems

Fme specializes in providing customized solutions for transporting cocoa powders and other ingredients ...

Horizontal mixer for creams

Fme has ingeniously developed a horizontal mixer specifically designed to achieve optimal and uniform m...

Lumps melting systems

Fme specializes in the manufacturing of lumps melting systems designed to efficiently melt various prod...

Self-cleaning filter

Introducing the innovative self-cleaning filter by Fme, specifically designed for the filtration of cho...

Tank to store chocolate/creams

Fme specializes in manufacturing tanks specifically designed for chocolate and creams, belonging to our...

Vertical mixer/preparator for creams

Introducing Fme's CP Series Cream Mixers, designed to achieve optimal and uniform mixing for a wide ran...

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