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Aseptic filling machine USA

Experience the cutting-edge Aseptic Filling Machine USA, meticulously crafted by Fme, for flawless fill...

Evaporator BEC

Fme specializes in the production of advanced evaporators designed specifically for processing juices a...
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Hammer pulping machine PR47

At Fme, we specialize in the design and production of innovative hammer pulping machines specifically e...
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Heater-enzymatic deactivator H54

Discover the cutting-edge range of heaters designed and manufactured by Fme for the enzymatic inactivat...
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Pasteuriser - Steriliser - Cooler PE130 - PE131

Introducing Fme's innovative range of pasteurizers, sterilizers, and coolers designed specifically for ...
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Shelling mill for IQF and frozen lumps PR49

Fme specializes in the production of cutting-edge shelling mills and pulping machines designed specific...
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Strainer - Destoning machine - Declusting machine PR42

Fme specializes in the production of slanted strainers designed for various applications such as pulp e...

Tank for beer

Fme specializes in manufacturing tanks designed specifically for beer fermentation and maturation in th...

Turbo extractor PR410 - PR411

Introducing the new generation of Fme extractors, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled adaptabil...
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Vacuum degasser TEC110

Introducing the Vacuum Degasser by Fme, a specialized solution for degassing juices and purees of fruit...

Vertical bowl JPB206 - YPB206

Introducing the Vertical Bowl by Fme, a versatile solution designed for cooking, degassing, and concent...

Washing machine with agitating action L4

Introducing Fme's Agitating Washing Machines, designed for efficient and versatile product washing. ...

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