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Belt blancher - cooler H55

Immerse yourself in the world of innovative vegetable processing with Fme's exceptional Belt Cooker-Bla...
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Belt blancher - cooler H56 - H57

Discover the advanced Belt Blancher-Cooler, meticulously crafted by Fme, offering unparalleled capabili...
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Brushing machine A81

Fme is a leading manufacturer of brushing machines that are designed to remove residual peel from vario...

Continuous cooker H52

Fme designs and produces a state-of-the-art continuous cooker featuring a rotating coil, specifically d...

Drum blancher H50 - H59

The drum continuous cooker-blancher, manufactured by Fme, offers a versatile solution for blanching or ...

Drum washing machine L3 - L3P

Fme offers a range of drum washing machines designed specifically for the thorough cleaning of tubers a...

Frying machine SAP

At Fme, we are renowned for our cutting-edge expertise in manufacturing frying machines specifically de...

Gravitational destoner F63

At Fme, we offer a highly efficient machine designed for the precise separation of stones, soil, and ot...

Steam pressure peeling machine SPB

The SPB machines operate through a carefully crafted six-phase cycle, harnessing the power of pressure ...

Vibrating tables S31 - S32 - S33

Introducing Fme's Vibrating Tables, designed for multiple purposes such as eliminating product scraps, ...

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