Chestnuts steam peeling

Chestnuts steam peeling

Chestnuts steam peeling

Discover the pinnacle of chestnut peeling excellence with Fme's cutting-edge steam-powered peeling lines. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing lines are meticulously crafted to ensure a flawless peeling process, delivering chestnuts that are perfectly peeled and ready for further processing.

Immerse yourself in the journey as the chestnuts embark on a transformational path within our peeling lines. Starting with carefully sized and meticulously sorted chestnuts, they enter a realm of precision and innovation. The chestnuts encounter a multi-blade scoring machine, which delicately performs a series of strategic cuts on the skin, setting the stage for the peeling process to unfold.

Next, the chestnuts gracefully progress through the line, guided by a meticulously designed system. They find themselves in the capable hands of a worm screw boiler, where the gentle embrace of steam enhances the peeling process. As the chestnuts continue their enchanting journey, they encounter a specialized belt for skin separation. With impeccable finesse, the skin and inner film are meticulously removed, leaving behind chestnuts that exude perfection.

The grand finale of this mesmerizing line awaits at the end, where a manual sorting belt and a tank filled with cleansing rinse water beckon. Each chestnut is carefully examined and sorted, ensuring that only the finest specimens grace the final output. With the assistance of an extraction elevator, the chestnuts are gently lifted from the rinse water, preserving their integrity and enhancing their purity.

The culmination of this extraordinary process results in chestnuts that are impeccably peeled and ready to embark on their next culinary adventure. Whether destined for freezing or further processing, these chestnuts stand as a testament to the mastery and precision of Fme's peeling lines.

Prepare to be captivated by the artistry and ingenuity that intertwines within our chestnut steam peeling lines

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