Steam pressure peeling machine SPB

Steam pressure peeling machine SPB

Steam pressure peeling machine SPB

The SPB machines operate through a carefully crafted six-phase cycle, harnessing the power of pressure differentials. Fme's steam pressure peeling method offers numerous advantages:

  • High Yield: the peeling method ensures a high yield, irrespective of the shape of the individual pieces, while maintaining product quality.

  • Capacity: the machines have a relatively high capacity, enabling efficient processing of large quantities.

  • Easy Adjustment: the machines are designed for quick and straightforward adjustment, allowing for flexibility in peeling requirements.

  • Preserving Organoleptic Features: the steam pressure peeling method preserves the natural taste and flavor of fruits, making it a preferred choice over soda peeling methods.

  • Cost-effective: the peeling process is cost-effective, providing efficient results while minimizing expenses.

  • Ecological: the steam pressure peeling process is environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of chemical substances, and the process waste waters contain a low quantity of organic matter.

Experience the superior performance and eco-friendly advantages of Fme's steam pressure peeling machines, offering high yields, ease of use, and excellent preservation of organoleptic properties.

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